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Want the Perfect Beach Wedding? Here's How to Pick the Perfect Location

By: Sponsored News in Weddings / 13 Feb 2023
Want the Perfect Beach Wedding? Here's How to Pick the Perfect Location

Perfect Beach Wedding

A beachfront wedding can be the perfect place for your special day. There are beaches all over the world, allowing you to pick a destination wedding or one close to your home for less of a drive. Go to your favorite country, or find a beach that would be the perfect background for you and your spouse.

Top view Of Beach in The Reef Resorts

There are some things you have to think about before having a beach wedding, though, to make sure the day is perfect. While they won't necessarily ruin your wedding, making sure you understand some of the common problems with beachfront weddings can ensure you are ready no matter what on your big day.

Think About Your Guests

Beaches can be the perfect place for a wedding. Whether you travel to get to the perfect beach or go to the one near your town, there are things you want to consider. The first is your guests. If you are planning on inviting the elderly, or those that need mobility assistance, you may want to plan out your wedding with care.

You don't have to completely eliminate the possibility of a beach wedding, but maybe don't pick a beach that requires a long walk through the sand. Something on a pier or where there is a short walk from the parking lot to the seating is a better option.

This isn't just important for your guests either. You will be bringing in food, decorations, tables, and chairs. If you have to walk a long way, this can be quite a pain, so picking somewhere close to the main road can be ideal.

There is a downside to staying close to the main road as well. The closer you are to cars, the more background noise there is that can disrupt your wedding. This is why finding a good balance between a bit of a walk and convenience is very important, and different for every person.

Dining with Beach view

Match Your Location With Your Outfit

Many women have their perfect dress picked out far before they even are considering getting married. They usually at least have an idea of the style they want. However, sometimes, the wedding dress doesn't match the location.

We aren't saying that a big princess dress wouldn't look spectacular at a wedding on the beach (because it would) but it may not be ideal when you are walking down some unstable ground with wet sand sticking to your dress.

Wearing a lighter dress will keep you cooler, help you walk better, and you will feel better overall. Skipping your train can make a world of a difference. You may also want to consider skipping the heels for more practical shoes like flats. You don't have to go without a veil either but look for a shorter one that is fastened securely rather than a long one gently pinned in place.

For men, you may want to look at switching up the traditional black suits for something more comfortable. If you are set on the suits look at going for a different color, even white. This will help keep the men cooler during the event while still looking stunning.

Beach Weddings

Plan for Weather

Beaches can have pretty unstable weather. It can be super hot and sunny with little to no wind and calm waves to windy with big and loud waves. Weddings usually have to be planned out several months in advance and you may find that it is stormy on the day you planned the wedding as well.

While this can sometimes completely ruin a wedding, it doesn't have to. Make necessary arrangements to handle many situations, like staying a little ways away from the water, only picking decorations that are windproof, and having coverings as a backup in case rain is expected.

This prevents your wedding from being ruined by nature, and lets you keep your perfect day as good as you hoped for.

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