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The Reef Resorts - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Drinks

By: The Reef Resorts in Cuisine / 08 Mar 2023
The Reef Resorts - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Drinks

The Reef Resorts

To truly immerse yourself in a culture, it is essential to try new foods, enjoy the local ingredients, and learn about the area's culinary history. Of course, you can't be expected to eat the same type of food at every meal, which is why The Reef Resorts offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars to its guests so they may experience the world on their tongues. 

Enjoy drinks

Breakfast, Brunch, & Lunch

Start the day off right with a delightful meal. Whether your first meal of the day is breakfast, brunch, or lunch, The Reef Resorts has three restaurants open in the morning where you can delight in scrumptious buffets. In the heart of The Reef 28 is the charming Venti8cho, in The Reef Playacar is Chulavista, and in The Reef Coco Beach is Miramar.

Delightful meal

Snack Time, Anyone?

Sometimes we just need a little nibble of something to hold us over to the next meal. The Reef Coco Beach and The Reef Playacar both offer snack bars where guests can savor a light meal or snack from lunch until dinner and for late-night munchies.

Looking for something a little classier? Tabaco & Ron and Cenote are picturesque cafes that offer teatime from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, where you can delight in coffee drinks, freshly baked cookies, finger sandwiches, and cocktails to hold you over until dinner.

Dinner By Specialty Restaurant

During your visit to Playa del Carmen, you will be surrounded by delightful cuisine, from authentic local meals to dishes from around the world. At The Reef Resorts, we cater to a wide variety of palettes, giving you the opportunity to travel the world through your tastebuds at a different restaurant each evening.

must try the local flavors

Local Cuisine

When in Mexico, one must try the local flavors. At The Reef 28's signature restaurant, Cachito Cocina Mexicana, the cuisine focuses on traditional local ingredients and seasonal offerings. The menu has something for everyone, from Tacos de Mero Al Pastor (fish tacos) to chapulines (grasshoppers) for the more adventurous eaters. We suggest The Reef Coco Beach's Sabor Latino for an a la carte option.

Asian Cuisine

The Reef 28 resort honors a blend of Asian cultures with its Asiatico restaurant. From orange chicken to Pad Thai to vegan shokubutsu, you can explore new flavors and expand your culinary experience. If you wish to dive into Japanese culinary arts, The Reef Coco Beach features Samurai. Here you can enjoy traditional Japanese dishes and even cook-your-own options for an interactive dining experience.


Savor the taste of Italy at The Reef Playacar's Botticelli. They offer an elegant aesthetic and menu with Napoli mussels, Minestrone, Pappardelle at Rabo, and more! Want a more tropical twist on your Italian meal? Rosinella at The Reef Coco Beach adds a unique element to their dishes that embodies the local atmosphere as your look out over Cozumel.

Got a variety of tastes in your party? We recommend The Reef Playacar's Terraza Grill for a varied menu. You will find everything from cactus salad to octopus to steak and freshly caught fish. Plus, their dessert menu adds the perfect bit of sweetness to end the meal.

Grab a Drink

Let's Grab a Drink!

When on vacation, you have the opportunity to be free of inhibition and let the cocktails flow. The Reef Resorts offers guests multiple bars and lounges, each offering a unique ambiance and flair.

Whether you want a swim-up pool bar service, a cozy lounge, a view of the beach, or a rooftop club, we have it all. Better yet, grab a drink from each place. At The Reef 28, you will find The Roof 28 and Lobby 28. At The Reef Coco Beach are Sports Bar, the Bar & Mar, and Azul 48. Finally, at The Reef Playacar, you can check out Papo's Bar, La Chiquita, Nico's, and La Cascada.

Psst! You can't forget dessert! While most of these fabulous eateries have dessert on the menu, what should you do when you simply crave sweets? At The Reef Playacar, you can head over to the Ice Cream Parlor for coffee and ice cream while overlooking the lush tropical gardens and natural cenote.

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