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Take Your Getaway to an Esoteric New Level with a Luxury Spa Day

By: The Reef Resorts in Wellness / 08 Mar 2023
Take Your Getaway to an Esoteric New Level with a Luxury Spa Day

Luxury Spa Day

Nothing says vacation getaway like an exotic and indulgent visit to a luxury Spa. The benefits of regular spa treatments are well touted: reducing stress, muscle pain and soreness; improving energy, circulation and alertness; lowering blood pressure and improving immune function, and of course, supporting overall relaxation. Still, beyond the initially-known health benefits of a standard massage, there are even more elevated experiences that go further with helping our physical and mental state.


Spiritual inspiration for better well-being

The Reef Resorts Playacar, the family-friendly, luxury, all-inclusive gem in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, recently unveiled its fully-renovated, signature spa, Ome. Named for Ometeotl, the Mexican mythological god of creation which represents union and duality, the spa boasts treatments inspired by ancient rituals which revitalize the body, strengthen the spirit and encourage guests to reach their own divinity.

Guests of the Spa can choose from unique services such as the 4 Elements, which incorporate Himalayan salt stones and Bao Bao oils; or Kanabi, a curative treatment designed to reduce inflammation and muscle pain.


Ome Spa also offers indulgent treatments such as facials, deep tissue massages, reflexology, and hot-stone treatments within the elegantly earthy facility. The spa's menu also includes mindfully-focused body exercises in an outdoor setting with Yoga on the Beach, and circuit training at the Selvatic Gym, allowing visitors to attune their senses to the natural environment while working their muscles at the same time as their spiritual sense of well-being.

Yoga on the Beach

Indigenous-inspired spa practices have become more common as wellness treatments for people in-the-know, and the curated menu of exquisite spa testaments at Ome are no exception. If you're a fan of holistic practices, then you're not alone, as these particular approaches are increasingly being used to improve and contribute to overall health. With the growing understanding of the benefits of incorporating spiritual and emotional elements into well-being, ritual-based spa treatments have gained popularity as a complement to medical treatments. They are recognized for alleviating chronic stress and, overall, for providing a greater sense of well-being in the daily lives of many individuals.

Although some Ome treatments, like the Temazcal, are based on ancestral practices, their benefits are resurging to serve the modern world. As these approaches become more popular, people are also seeking to integrate spa treatments into their vacation plans, ensuring they never take a break from feeling good.


With over 1,000 square meters, our facilities blend earthly elements such as wood, stone, and water, creating the ideal environment for those seeking the benefits of esoteric retreats and a deep connection with nature.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 11 guests per hour, our spa is ideal for sharing with friends, family, and loved ones, making it the perfect choice for celebrating bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, or other special occasions in an unforgettable way.

Beyond Ome Spa, guests at The Reef Resorts can also explore Okom, located within The Reef 28, for an extended range of spa experiences. Spa Okom's services range from deep-cleaning and vitamin C facials to hydrotherapy, exfoliations, and other conventional beauty treatments or rituales that promise more of the spiritually inspired treatments which promote beautify from within.

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