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Fine Dining at All-inclusive Mexican Resorts

By: The Daily Buzz Team in Cuisine / 26 May 2022
Fine Dining at All-inclusive Mexican Resorts

Fine Dining at All-inclusive Resorts

Are you a foodie? Or maybe you simply enjoy trying different cuisines during your travels?

Whether you are the type of person who eats to live or lives to eat, experiencing fine Dining in Playa del Carmen will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and get an authentic taste of their unique cuisine.

Fortunately, when you choose to stay at an all-inclusive resort, you have access to the top restaurants in Playa del Carmen.

The Reef 28 is an adult-only resort just one block from the beach. What draws many into this resort is its friendly atmosphere, luxurious amenities, and delightful fine dining options.

You can choose from the breakfast only or all-inclusive option to meet your specific preferences.

Whether you are on a romantic getaway with your love or have booked a trip with your five favorite friends, you can expect to be pampered at every point in your stay, eat probably a bit too much, and create ever-lasting memories.

The Reef 28 Restaurants

When it comes to vacationing, dining should always be at the top of the must-do list. The Reef 28 features two fine Dining restaurants in addition to its rooftop lounge, lobby bar, and buffet.

These fine Dining restaurants are considered some of the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen. Not only are they a part of the all-inclusive package for guests, but they are open to the public.

With the location just one block from the popular tourist destination shopping area known as "La Quinta Avenida" or 5th Avenue, many tourists enjoy a delicious dining experience any time of day.

Cachito Cocina Mexicana

Cachito Cocina Mexicana

Cachito is Reef 28's signature restaurant with dishes designed by internationally renowned chefs. Guests can expect an inviting and romantic atmosphere with delectable fare that embodies the Mexican culture with innovative twists.

The cuisine focuses on traditional local ingredients and seasonal offerings. You can expect to see local fish and the country's award-winning olive oil all year long.

As the seasons change, you can experience everything from fresh coconut to chili sauces to flower-infused delights.

People eating at a restaurant

The menu has something for everyone, from Tacos de Mero Al Pastor (fish tacos) to chapulines (grasshoppers) for the more adventurous eaters.

Of course, the menu also offers a wide variety of local wines, beer, cocktails, and mouthwatering desserts to tempt you.


Just because you are in Mexico, it doesn't mean that you must eat traditional cuisine every single night. Some of the top restaurants in Playa del Carmen feature international cuisine, primarily due to the area's melting pot culture.

The Reef 28 resort honors this blend of cultures with its Asiatico restaurant. Asiatico brings in the rich, elegant flavors of the far east to delight the palette and adds a new spice to your foodie adventures.

From orange chicken to Pad Thai to vegan shokubutsu, you can explore new flavors and expand your culinary experience.

The Reef 28 - Sip, Savor, & Smile

If you have chosen to enjoy the luxuries of The Reef 28, you also have access to Roof 28, Lobby 28, and Veinti8cho to compel you to sip, savor, and smile.

Roof 28

Roof 28, just like it sounds, is a rooftop bar perched atop this glorious hotel. Up there, every hour is a happy hour as you lounge with the scent of the ocean and rhythmic music pulsing through the air.

Whether you simply want to swim in the pool, munch on a snack, or sunbathe with a cocktail in hand, this luxurious amenity is priceless.

Lobby 28

Are you ready to take a break from the sun, have a pregame drink, or maybe a post-party nightcap? The answer to all three lies in Lobby 28.

This full bar is the ideal location to ramp up for a night on the town or relax after eating a scrumptious meal.


In the heart of The Reef 28 is the charming Venti8cho. As a part of your all-inclusive package, you will have access to the continental breakfast, the breakfast buffet, and the dinner with their international menu.

Whether you have a party of two or twelve, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Book Your Vacation With the Reef Resorts

For more information on how you can book your vacation to one of The Reef Resorts, please review our website.

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