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Priming for the Perfect Tan

August 01, 2014

There's more to achieving the perfect tan than slipping into your favorite string bikini (or swim shorts) and baking on a white sand beach. Duck into The Reef Spa for the "Perfect Tan Primer," a luxurious exfoliating treatment that stimulates circulation while preparing the skin for optimal tanning. Located in the resort's aromatic gardens, this tropically infused paradise is an experience in itself – where trees grow up and through the building to create a natural setting for sublime relaxation. Whether you opt for a body wrap, massage, facial or the ultimate exfoliation in advance of your golden tan, this Reef spa experience will pamper you silly, but nothing but sunscreen can protect you from the sun's burning rays. Ramp up your usual SPF and bring along a hat and other coverings before you hit the beach.

Address: The Reef Spa