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Journey to the Center of the Earth

May 26, 2015

All right, you're not really going to the center of the earth, but when you enter the Sistema Sac Actun, an underground river that passes through a system of caves, you couldn't be blamed for thinking you were. Off the beaten path but worth the trip, Sac Actun provides an adventure like none other, through stalactite-filled caves that, while partially filled with water, are easily traveled through. In some areas the water is deep enough to snorkel in, and crystal clear, so keep an eye out for locals like Garra Rufa fish, or Nibbler fish, who are (for real) sometimes used for exfoliation in certain Mexican spas. With incredible views unlike anywhere else, the underground caves of Sac Actun are an experience you'll never forget, and probably dream about as you rest at our Playa del Carmen resort.

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