Staff Picks

  • A Celebration Across the Nation

    If you’re planning to visit Playa del Carmen on September 16, you’re in for a real treat: fireworks, dancing, singing, and general revelry erupting all day long in the streets.... Read more

  • A One-of-a-Kind Ancient City

    One of the most impressive civilizations ever to emerge anywhere in the world, the Mayans once dominated a vast swath of territory that included the western regions of El Salvador and Honduras, the entirety of Guatemala and Belize, and much of southeastern Mexico.... Read more

  • Modern Day Amenities and Ancient Mysteries

    As a complement to the cutting-edge comfort of our resort, we also recommend a trip to the ancient city of Palenque, one of the most awe-inspiring monuments to Mayan civilization anywhere in Mexico.... Read more

  • Savoring Tequila

    Many first-time visitors to Mexico think of tequila as a shot in need of a chaser, or else a liquor to be masked by the lime juice, salt, and orange liqueur of a margarita. Both those options can be invigorating, but here in Mexico, we know that truly fine tequila is meant to be served straight.... Read more

  • Chiles en nogada: A Traditional Mexican Dish

    Chiles en nogada is a traditional Mexican dish that consists of peppers, stuffing, and a rich cream sauce. The peppers are poblano chilis, a green variety of pepper that’s not spicy.... Read more

  • Mariachi: A Musical Blend of Old World and New

    An authentically Mexican musical form, mariachi has a long and complex history that stretches back to the 18th century, when indigenous musicians in the western part of the country came... Read more

  • Atole: An Energy Drink Brought to You by the Ancients

    When the temperatures drop here in Mexico, we like to treat ourselves to a hot cup of atole, a traditional Mesoamerican beverage that combines masa, vanilla, cinnamon, and occasionally even fruit or chocolate.... Read more

  • Tamales: Food of the Gods

    From Aztec to Toltec, from Maya to Olmec, the ancient civilizations of Latin America agreed on one thing: tamales were the food the gods. ... Read more