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inside of a cave lit up at night
inside of a cave lit up at night

Unlocking the Yucatan's Rocky Secret

January 08, 2017

Did you know the Yucatán Peninsula harbors a secret? Whether you decide to band together in a group or strike out on your own, this geological feature is surely a Playa del Carmen treasure.

Although it can’t be seen from your resort this alluring river, wending through a group of underground caverns, attracts thousands of visitors each year who know how to find it. The Rio Secreto (that is, Secret River) is clear turquoise in color and a remarkable contrast to behold against the earthy, calcified hues of stalagmites and stalactites.

If you’re eager to explore Rio Secreto then you should know that families are more than welcome to explore Rio Secreto to the beat of their own drum, floating through this crystal clear waterway or charting a careful course through its dripping caves. Guided tours are also available, during which you’ll uncover the fascinating history of these mineral marvels.

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