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mariachi band in blue outfits
mariachi band in blue outfits

The Meaning of Mariachi

April 04, 2018

The origin of term mariachi is shrouded in mystery. Some have claimed that it comes from the French marriage, a derivation spurred jointly by the 19th-century French invasion of Mexico and the popularity of the music at wedding celebrations. Others have traced its origin to indigenous names for the wood of the platform associated with the distinctly percussive mariachi dance style. The music itself is just as hard to pin down, combining pre-colonial folk styles with classical Spanish influence and other European genres like waltz and polka. But amble along Playa del Carmen's 5th Avenue any evening of the week, and you'll discover exactly what mariachi means as the many roaming bands of sombrero-clad men and women in richly embroidered costume serenade your night with dulcet tones of trumpets, violins, and guitars. If you're interested in hiring a band to play for a special event, just let your concierge know. We'll be glad to make arrangements.

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