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Mayan City of Tulum
Mayan City of Tulum

The Mayan Ruins of Tulum

August 11, 2017

At The Reef Coco Beach, one of our favorite day trip destinations is the majestic Mayan ruins of Tulum, located about an hour south of our resort. Set atop steep cliffs that overlook the sea, this walled city was once an important trade hub, particularly for its dealings in obsidian. Tulum persevered for almost seven decades after the Spanish invasion of Mexico, only to suffer the same fate as the rest of the Mayan Empire. Today, much of the city is still standing, including The Temple of Frescoes, the Temple of the Descending God, and The Castle, which the Mayans used as a lighthouse. The beach below The Castle is open to visitors, so you might want to bring a swimsuit. After all, it’s not every day you get the chance to take a dip by an ancient Mayan city! The ruins open to visitors at 8 A.M., and we suggest arriving as early as possible to beat the crowds. When your daytime excursion is done, you’ll be glad to return to the lap of luxury at The Reef Coco Beach.

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