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Tequila bottle shot glass and candle on table
Tequila bottle shot glass and candle on table

Tequila: An Authentically Mexican Liquor

June 06, 2018

France has its wine, Belgium its beer, and Mexico its tequila. Named for the city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco, tequila is a kind of mescal derived from the sugar-rich blue agave plant. In the United States and many other countries, folks tend to think of tequila as the main ingredient in margaritas. And while the margarita is one tasty cocktail, here in Mexico, we often like to drink our tequila straight, savoring the subtle nuances of flavor. Blue agaves cultivated at high altitudes, for example, will tend to produce a sweeter liquor, whereas those grown at lower altitudes have somewhat earthier overtones. To learn more about this authentically Mexican libation, ask your bartender at any one of our resort bars about the distinctive characteristics of the many premium tequilas we keep on hand for your sipping pleasure. As with all other aspects of your vacation, our expert staff are here to ensure you and your taste buds are treated to the finest Mexico has to offer.

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