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Mayan pyramid at Cob
Mayan pyramid at Cob

Rediscovering the Ancient Mayan City of Cobá

August 06, 2018

Located approximately 90 minutes by car from our resort, Cobá is one of the most fascinating historical sites anywhere in Mexico. This ancient Mayan city, originally a minor settlement, was founded somewhere between 50 B.C. and 100 A.D., and within a few hundred years had grown to become one of the most politically and commercially vibrant city-states on the peninsula. Near the city’s entrance stands the Coba Group, a collection of structures that includes a ball court and the famed Iglesia (Church). The exceptional number of stelaes (raised monuments with figures and hieroglyphs carved into them) convey a wealth of information on dress, ritual, politics, and gender roles. And the stunning Nohoch Mul Pyramid towers 137 feet into the air. Best of all, unlike the pyramids at many other Mayan sites, visitors are invited to climb all 130 steps to Nohoch Mul’s summit to enjoy the sublime panoramic view of the region.

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