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Flag of Mexico
Flag of Mexico

Dia de la Independencia

September 03, 2018

Like all of the Americas, Mexico was once a colony ruled by a mighty European power. Just over our country’s northern border, “Independence Day” means July 4. Here in Mexico, though, Dia de la Independencia is celebrated on September 16. As the story goes, it was on that day in 1810 that Catholic priest and Mexican War of Independence leader Miguel Hidalgo belted out El Grito de la Independencia (the cry of independence), encouraging his fellow countrymen to take up arms against their European overlords and the Spanish Crown. Thus began a conflict that would eventually lead to Mexico’s independence on September 28, 1821. If you’re visiting on Dia de la Independencia, expect to encounter parties, fireworks, dancing and music in the streets, and ardent declarations of national pride. Viva la Independencia!

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