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glass of atole and corn
glass of atole and corn

Atole: A Sweet Treat for a Cold Day

March 05, 2018

Anyone who’s spent a lot of time in Mexico during the winter months knows that one of the most delicious treats on a cold day is atole, a masa-based drink that goes back to the time of the Aztecs. In some parts of Mexico, elders are especially apt to imbibe the beverage regularly, as it is thought to possess special vitalizing properties--but plenty of folks just love the taste. To make the drink, you start by toasting masa and boiling water with cinnamon sticks added for flavor. Once the masa is properly crispy, pour on the boiling water and whip it to your desired consistency. You’ll also want to add a dash of vanilla and sugar, and some folks even like to include chocolate or fruit. Along with tamales, atole is a very popular street food, so you’re bound to find it on the menu at various street vendors as you stroll along 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen.

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