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audience watching congo bongo show
audience watching congo bongo show

A Playa del Carmen Rite of Passage

March 05, 2017

An evening devoted to clubbing in Playa del Carmen is almost a rite of passage for travelers to the playful Mexican city. Survey the party destinations below for a taste of tropical bliss.

Coco Bongo Playa del Carmen

Spacious as an entertainment arena, the interior of Congo Bongo is lavishly decked out across multiple levels of seating. Upgrade to Gold Member status for zero lines, complimentary cocktails, special seating, and round-trip transportation to and your suite at The Reef Coco Beach. A nightly show of acrobatics and artistic dance never fails to impress.


This is a fun combination of nightclub and cantina, with high table seating at the center and a perimeter of sofas all open to the cool night air. This is the perfect place to relax with friends under the familiar beat of 80s and 90s dance tunes. Abolengo serves a delicious spread of bar food as well as exotic Mexican-style cocktails, prepared in mason jars.

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